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Press Registration


Response Expo invites qualified working journalists from commercial and trade news organizations to submit a request for a complimentary all-access press badge. All-access press badge includes: Access to expo floor, seminars and events.

Press badges are reserved for working members of the media only. This includes editors, reporters, producers, camera crews, and still photographers. Employees of media outlets who do not work in an editorial capacity are not qualified for a press badge. We reserve the right to modify this policy without public notice and to revoke accreditation at any time.

To apply for a press badge please complete the Press Registration Form:  Click HERE.


Press Qualifications

Print News Media
Must provide a recently published copy of the publication with all intended registrants listed in the masthead or in the byline for an article. Publication must have a verified circulation greater than 1,000.


Broadcast News Media
A tape of a recnetly aired show with on-screen credit. regional cable and local crews are limited to a four-person crew. All broadcast media must register and be pre-qualified prior to the show.


Web Publications
Proof of an existing secure (must have some type of qualification of audience or subscribers) site with relevant editorial content. The web publication must be a previously established, independent site that is regularly updated with original and current broadcast-related news.


Contact Kathryn Flinn at 714-338-6734.